Minerals gH+

  • $3.97

ReeFlowers Minerals gH+ contains the elements required by freshwater fish and shrimps. It increases the general hardness (gH) value of the aquarium.

Water used in aquariums may be insufficient to keep fish and shrimp healthy. The lack of minerals that are found in their natural habitat can lead to colors becoming dull, inhibition of breeding activities and reduction in shell and scale development.

ReeFlowers Minerals gH+ provides the elements required by fresh water fish and shrimps creating a healthier environment and boosting vitality.



It is recommended that 2/3 tsp (3 mL) of solution is added for every 26 US gallons (100 liter)s of aquarium water on a weekly basis (for an average loaded aquarium). The water that you use may vary so the gH value of the aquarium should be checked on a regular basis.  Approximately 6 tsp (30 ml) solution increases the gH value of 26 US gallons (100 liters) of water by 1 dgH. 

For reference 1 cap = ~1.2 tsp (6 mL)

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