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Magnesium Blend - C

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ReeFlowers Magnesium Blend will easily and effectively increase the concentration of magnesium in the system. Magnesium is essential to maintaining concentrations of Calcium and Carbonates in marine systems. Like Calcium, Magnesium is important for many biochemical reactions. It is also the central element in the Chlorophyll molecules found in zooxanthellae. Maintaining appropriate concentrations is therefore essential for coral and zooxanthellae metabolism. 

In marine aquaria Magnesium acts to prevent the formation and precipitation of Calcium Carbonate in the water column. As such, it is important to monitor the concentrations regularly, using an accurate and reliable testing kit/device, to maintain Magnesium at appropriate levels. Only dose as much as is needed to maintain desired concentrations.


Dosing Set

Balling Set

Part A - kH Blend

Part B - Calcium

Part C - Magnesium

Part D - Ionic Balancer

Dosing Instructions

Add a maximum of 4 tsp (20 mL) per approximate 26 US gallons (110 liters) daily until the desired concentration is reached. For reference, 1/4 tsp (1 mL) will increase concentration by approximately 1 ppm per 26 US gallons.

Once the desired concentration is reached, periodic testing will determine system specific consumption rates and allow a dosing regimen to be established. Solution can then be added daily or weekly as required. If the daily consumption level exceeds 5 ppm, it is recommended that the solution be added continually via a dosing pump. Do not overdose as this may be harmful to the organisms in the tank. Derived from Magnesium salts.

250 ml, 500 ml & 1000 ml bottles - 1 cap = ~1.2 tps (6 ml)
3000 ml bottle - 1 cap = ~6 tps (30 ml)

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