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Caledonia Coral Salt

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ReeFlowers Caledonia Coral Salt is produced from natural marine salt and is specially formulated for reef aquariums. Containing no additives, ReeFlowers Caledonia Coral Salt is enriched with high purity grade minerals (kH, calcium, magnesium, potassium and strontium) to facilitate the fast, healthy growth of corals and other reef organisms.

In order to preserve the vivid colours of corals, and ensure that reef organisms stay healthy for longer, the trace element diversity within ReeFlowers Caledonia Coral Salt has been formulated with reference to natural ocean water samples. Elements that can facilitate algae formation, such as nitrate, iron and silicate, have been removed.

Created using Smart Particle Technology©, to ensure that each preparation results in water with stable values.


 **22 kg Size is shipped in a box - not in bucket as pictured**

Choose Your Salt

Caledonia Sea Salt - Fish only Tanks, Brackish Systems

Caledonia Coral Salt - Soft Corals, Mixed Reefs, Nano Reefs

Caledonia Reef Salt - SPS Dominated Tanks, Frag Tanks


To achieve a salinity ratio of 33.5ppt, add 1.23 oz (35g) of ReeFlowers Caledonia Coral Salt to 0.26 US gallons (1 liter) of R/O water, or 23 oz (661.5g) of salt per 5 US gallons (18.9 liters) of R/O water. Stir the water until salt is fully dissolved, then slowly add the prepared salt water into the aquarium ensuring not to pour directly on to live organisms.

WATER PARAMETERS at salinity 33.5 ppt

Alk/Kh: 3 meq/L / 8.5 dkh
Ca: 430 ppm
Mg: 1360 ppm
K: 400 ppm

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